FORTRESS FRANCE - Operation: Eagle's Nest

LARGE PLAY AREA – 90,000m2

The fortress features an incredibly large play area bringing verticality to a whole new level.

Carved out of the top of a 700m high hill. It features forests, bunkers, motes, draw bridges and kilometers of tunnels. 


A total of 5 vertical levels of play are present at the fortress with the majority being underground.

The fortress’s construction was finished in 1880. Being designed for defense it was built with several different levels for friendly troops to move around and enemy troops to be led into killzones.

To make your way through the vast tunnel system you WILL need flashlights and backup flashlights. 


Amongst years of political unrest, an insurgency force has made the old fort their base of operations. NATO will not stand for a potential insurrection on home soil. Negotiations have resulted in nothing and the time of talk is over. A taskforce has been sent in to deal with the situation with a heavy hand. As the fortress was designed as a defensive structure, the ensueing battle is expected to result in heavy casualties on both sides.


Due to the vertical nature of the area. A multitude of ladders are positioned all over the fortress opening up attacker and defender possibilities of your squad around. Ladder shafts leading from the tunnel system to the surface and from the outer ring to the top of the Fortress. 


The military barracks is where the soldiers manning the fort used to sleep and provides the same service nowadays. Dedicated camping spots are available to pitch tents and the fort itself provides additional places to sleep. Primitive toilets and even a shower is available. Keep in mind no running water or electricity. Powerbanks, battery powered lights, and water bottles are recommended.