Operation Eagle’s Nest 13/14.07



Total:  40,00

Event Details

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Fort de la Tete de l’Ours is an concealed gem within the airsoft community. This historical fortress, originally constructed during WW1, boasts an expansive playing area spanning 90,000 square meters. You’ll find a total of 5 vertical levels of play area at the fortress, with the majority being underground.

“Operation Eagle’s Nest” offers an immersive airsoft experience spanning an entire weekend, set within the remote terrain on the top of Col du Croix. Picture 150 participants engaged in challenging gameplay both day and night, sleeping in old barracks and a dedicated lounge area featuring shops, campfires, and musical entertainment.

Silo Events

With over a decade dedicated to crafting engaging airsoft content and participating in numerous matches worldwide, Silo is embarking on a new venture. Drawing from his extensive airsoft background, he is set to curate cutting-edge wargaming experiences in some of the most remarkable locations worldwide.

Throughout the entirety of the weekend, Silo will be an active participant, ensuring an inclusive experience for all attendees.


Friday, July 12

  • Gate opens at 12:00 pm

Saturday, July 13

  • 07:00 Breakfast
  • 08:00 Chrono test range open (We will test randomly during the game)
  • 08:30 Safety and gameplay briefing
  • 09:00 Game start
  • 12:00 Lunch break
  • 13:00 Game restart
  • 16:30 Game end
  • 16:30 – 20:30 Dinner and recovery

Night Game

  • 20:30 Game briefing
  • 21:00 Game start
  • 00:00 Game end

Sunday, July 14

  • 07:00 Breakfast
  • 08:45 Gameplay briefing
  • 09:00 Game start
  • 12:00 Lunch break
  • 13:00 Game restart
  • 16:00 Game end
  • 17:00 Dinner

Monday, April 8

  • Gate closes at 10 am

Rules and safety

Rules & Safety

In addition to our standard Rules and Guidelines, specific rules and guidelines apply for Operation Eagles Nest. Please make sure you are aware of the applicable rules.

Camping Rules at Fort de la Tete de l’Ours.

  • No glassware
  • No campfires
  • Garbage in the bins
  • Place tent at indicated spots only
  • People who sleep inside fort at indicated spots can leave all gear when game is live make sure nothing can be damaged
  • There is no electricity so bring battery powered lights!

Output limits & class rules

  • 1.5J – Assault rifles, SMGs, Pistols – no MED
  • 2.0J – LMG – MED =20 mtr (only allowed outdoors and in windows & doors)
  • 2.0J – DMR – MED = 15 mtr (only allowed outdoors and in windows & doors)
  • 2.5J – Bolt Action – MED = 20 mtr (only allowed outdoors and in windows & doors)
  • MED = minimum engagement distance

Location and facilities

Location and facilities

Fort de la Tete de l’Ours is an unique spot, located at the top of Col des Croix. Because of the remoteness of this area, facilities are limited. Please keep in mind that during your stay:

  • Dedicated camping spots are available to pitch tents and the fort itself provides additional places to sleep.
  • Primitive toilets are available.
  • No running water, no shower.
  • No electricity
  • No WIFI

Food and drinks

  • Coffe and softdrinks can be bought at the event.
  • We offer a small selection of snacks.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner is available. Please make a reservation in advance to avoid missing out.

A small campingstove is allowed to cook your own meals. Campfires are prohibited (except for the safe-zone).

Other facilities:

  • In-game shop (consumables: BB’s, gas, CO2, HPA)
  • Central campfire-places are in the lounge area
  • First Aider available
  • Battery charging points
  • Rental point in collaboration with Swit Airsoft and Novritsch.
  • Free parking
  • Pay with cash or card/phone


Apart form your gear, we advice you to bring the following items with you:

  • Powerbanks
  • Battery powered lights
  • Personal hygiene products (no shower available)
  • Cash money

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